This is where we put our plan into action. We offer a range of options and approaches to recording, and we'll go with what best suits your project. What we do here is very dependent on the specifics of your project – if you've got a full band, this time will largely be spent tracking your performances; if you're a solo artist and need instrumentation to fill out your songs, we'll be putting that together, and so on. And if we're further down the line and you get a sudden flash of inspiration – "hey, I bet a violin would sound awesome in the chorus" – we can always jump back and throw that in, too. 

Our recording prices are by hour. The exact rate will be fixed during the consultation.

We offer a complete package of services to take your song from "hey, I've got an idea" to "hey, check out my new single." We provide consultations, recording, mixing, mastering, and CD production as well as access to our array of instruments – both virtual and physical – so you can get the exact sound you want. Our goal is to help you get your music out there for the world to hear. 

Our services are available as an end-to-end package, or individually. If you just want a tracking session, have your tracks already and want them mixed, or if you have a finished mix you want the finishing touches put on in the mastering phase, we'll do that too. We also provide CD production services, including art layout and printing. Your finished product is a professional sales-ready CD.

We also offer scoring and SFX for both the film and game industries. Use our Contact page to get in touch with us for further details.






We now offer CD production as a service - whether it's the final step of a full project with us, or you already have recordings and want a professional-quality CD complete with jewel case, artwork and booklet, we provide affordable CD creation and duplication in custom size runs. Whether you need one or hundreds, we have your needs covered.

Mixing is the most dry, technical part of the process, and simultaneously the most creative. There's the standard steps like editing out artefacts, removing hiss and so on – but this is also where we can take your tracks and do anything with them. We'll work with you to make your song sound exactly how it does in your head. 

Our mixing prices are a flat rate per song. The exact rate will be fixed during the consultation.

Mastering is where we take the mix and turn it up to 11. This is the step that gives your song that "radio-ready" sound – big, present, with real oomph behind it. This is included in our mixing price – if you've got stems already and just need mastering, get in touch with us and we'll give you a quote.

Every project, like every artist, is different. We'll sit with you and discuss your needs, and determine the best approach. Whether you're an experienced band aiming to do your next studio album, or a solo artist who's never tracked a single note, you're in good hands here. 

This is where we'll go into detail about your arrangements, what instruments/equipment you'll need, and so on. This is also the point where we'll hammer out a price. We understand that everyone has different budgets, and we can adapt our approach accordingly. Your songs, your way.


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