​​Kyle O'Hara is a St. Catharines native with a passion for music. He received a degree in audio engineering from the SAE Institute in Germany, a world-renowned academy for audio and film. He has experience in a range of areas, including film and video game scoring and SFX, professional audio and video production in the software industry, and more, but his true passion is studio work. You can be sure that no matter what your project is, he'll be just as enthusiastic about it as you are.

The Gear

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The Software

The Studio

Intermission Studios is home to a professionally soundproofed and treated recording space, including a separate treated booth for close vocals and other applications. With our arsenal of instruments, hardware, and cutting-edge software, we'll ensure you get the sound your project deserves.

We have a range of gear to offer. In addition to your own instruments, we have guitars and basses by Schecter, Dean, Epiphone, Traben, Johnson, Ibanez and B.C. Rich on standby. Our pristine-condition vintage early-80s Tama Imperialstar 10-piece drum kit offers a sound you just don't get out of modern kits anymore.

​And then there's the microphones. Sennheiser, Neumann, Shure, Audix, Samson - we've got them. We even have a hidden gem, a German condenser mic you won't find in stores this side of the ocean that's on par with famous top-notch models. 

We primarily work with Pro Tools, the industry standard DAW software. State-of-the-art amp modelling software opens up a wealth of possibilities - if you can imagine a guitar or bass sound, we can craft it. And our range of top-notch synths and virtual instruments means you've got everything - from fat dubstep subs to full orchestras, and so much more - at your fingertips.  

The Engineer