Our software is cutting edge, the same as you'd find in the world's biggest studios. Our hardware arsenal is impressive, too, with high-quality microphones, a vintage 80s 10-piece Tama Imperialstar drum kit, a range of other instruments, and more. Check out the About section for more info.

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The biggest barrier that stops most musicians from taking that step from practice space to studio is how expensive it is without a label backing you up. We want to help you make that step without spending your life savings on it. Our prices are determined on a case-by-case basis according to the scope of your project - always extremely fair, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Your five-piece band wants to record an album? You're a singer, full of song ideas but no band to play them? You're a killer rapper but you still need some beats? You already have songs and want to put them on a CD? Not a problem. We'll sit down with you and tailor our offering to meet your specific needs. 



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Every artist has unique needs. Our comprehensive recording, mixing, mastering and CD creation package is tailored to every artist's individual needs. Contact us for a free consultation today, and get your songs done your way.

SAMANTHA WILLSON is a singer and songwriter from Welland. Her intimate, passionate vocals, accompanied by guitar and piano, make it easy to connect with the stories she tells. Her demo, available soon, is a taste of more to come - watch this space for where to find it.